Fee Information

QDROS & Public Pension Plan Orders
(Including Military)


Preparation of QDRO
Approval by plan administrator (where applicable) and revisions required to obtain Plan Administrator’s approval (One plan per order)

$ 750.00


Joinder $ 300.00
Filing of signed QDRO with Court and Plan $ 300.00
Review of Orders Prepared by Others/ per QDRO $ 350.00/hr- 2 hr. Minimum
Consulting and Mediation $ 350.00/hr - 2 hr. Minimum

The fees quoted above for the drafting of orders, includes the draft of an order prepared in compliance with federal and state law and pre-approval by the plan administrator where applicable. Any additional services will be billed at the standard consulting rate. A surcharge will apply if information necessary to QDRO Pros, Inc. is not supplied in a reasonable time and manner, requiring additional follow up by QDRO Pros, Inc.

Minimum fee must be paid in advance.

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