How It Works

A Qualified Domestic Relations Order, or QDRO, is a court order that legally allows a retirement plan to distribute money to someone OTHER than the plan participant; for example to a former spouse.

QDRO Pros, Inc. prepares QDROs based upon the information provided by you, your advisors, prior court order (MSA, stipulation, judgment, if complete), the retirement plan, and the governing law.

QDRO Pros normally acts as a neutral party in a joint engagement by the parties, thus allowing us to keep the fees affordable and predictable with one low flat fee. However, we will represent you individually for additional fees.

What information do you need to get started:

  1. Employer and/or retirement plan name
  2. Date of marriage
  3. Date of separation
  4. Date of dissolution (if already divorced)

What Does QDRO Pros need to get started?

  1. QP Parties Information Form
  2. QP Retirement Plan Information Data Sheet for each retirement plan to be divided. QP provides specific forms for different retirement plans which can be completed as a fillable PDF or downloaded from our website. Alternatively, you can contact QDRO Pros and we will email or mail you the correct form.
  3. Signed Terms of Engagement (Fee Agreement) signed by both parties, if we are acting as a neutral. We can also represent just one party and separate Terms of Engagement form signed only by the party hiring us shall be submitted. Neutral terms of engagement may downloaded from our website.
  4. The following pages from your Marital Settlement Agreement or Judgment
    • 1st Page showing the name of the court, case number and parties
    • Page showing dates of marriage, separation and dissolution
    • Pages showing division of retirement benefits
    • Fully signed signature page if already filed
    • A Plan statement
    • A Summary Plan Description if you have one
    • Any correspondence you have already received by the Plan
    • Any separate agreement by the parties regarding division of the the retirement plan, if applicable
    • Copy of Joinder if one has been filed on the Plan
  5. Applicable Fees for services desired (See Fee Information) Fee may be paid through our website, or you may call in a credit card or mail a check.

QDRO Pros Process

  1. QDRO Pros will then begin preparation of your QDRO
  2. QDRO Pros will send a copy of the draft to the Retirement Plan for Pre-approval and also a copy to both parties for review
  3. Once we receive pre-approval from the Plan and the Parties are in agreement, we will send the final QDRO for signature and filing with the Court and the Plan. We send complete filing instructions, however QDRO Pros can file the signed QDRO with the Court and serve on the Plan for an additional fee of $325.00.